Who is Dave Walsh?

Chemistry Teacher - Collingswood High School
Senior Adjunct - Rowan College at Burlington County

Dave was born in the Capital District of New York State and then moved to Elmira, NY where he graduated from Elmira Free Academy .

Dave moved on to Alfred University , where he majored in Chemistry and General Science.  At Alfred, he became a member of Sigma Alpha Mu and Alpha Phi Omega  where he held many leadership positions.  

In 1998, Dave was accepted to graduate school at Baylor University and earned his M.S. in Organic Chemistry in 2002  

He has been a teacher for all his life and has taught at almost every educational level, from a 4-year college to a Pre-K -12 private school.  

Currently, he resides in New Jersey with his amazing wife, Melissa, and two beautiful daughters, Ava and Chloe.  

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