Seek Advice

Rest assured that there are teachers who have flipped that teach the same grade, subject, or content that you are trying to flip.  Reach out to them.  Get on twitter, slack, voxer, or other social media to find them.

Advice, Advice, Advice

There is no better way to ensure a good first flip than by talking to people about what you plan to do.  

In my experience, there are usually only one or two people who flip in a district.  If you are in a district where a teacher flips, regardless of grade level or content area, seek that person out and ask for some advice.

If you are in a district where you don't have anyone that flips, I recommend you looking up the #flipclass and seeing what people are saying.  Follow a few people who seem to jive with what you want to do in your first flipped lesson.  Also, there is a #flipclass twitter chat that happens most Mondays from 7 - 8 eastern time. 

A few other social media apps have some a vibrant flipping community.  The Flipped Learing Network has a slack conversation.  Click here to get started with that.  Voxer also has a room dedicated to chatting about flipped learning.  You can click here and introduce yourself to the group.  

Social Media Resources for #Flipclass