After The Flip

Reflect on your Lesson

Now that your first flipped lesson is over, here are some suggestions on what to do:
           Improve the video lesson.
           Make a better accountability assignment.
           Find some supplemental material.
           Work on your in-class activity.

Flipping is a whole new teaching style, and like doing anything for the first time, you need to reflect on what went well and what needs improvement.  

I have read that it can take from 3 to 5 years to get a flipped class to a point where you are happy with it.  For me, it took 3 to be happy with my flip and I am continually improving to make it as awesome as I know it can be.   
Seek Feedback

The best thing that you can do is seek feedback from jusat about everyone.  Go to those folks you followed on twitter and tell them what you did.  Ask your admin to critique the lesson. The key here is  know that this is only the first time you have flipped and there are a million ways that the lesson can improve.   And many times, it's not self-reflection that can get you there.  

In flipped classrooms across the world, teachers are using ideas that they received from their flipping colleagues. I developed the idea of the nonlinear flip from other people's ideas, to whom I give all the credit in the world (Thanks Lisa Highfill and Crystal Kirch!)  They may not even know that they inspired me, but I wouldn't have ever progressed my flip to where it is today with out getting feedback.   

Research Better Methods

Many teachers have great lessons and make lessons by reflecting and collaborating, but I think its important to research ways that can improve the flip.  There is no sense in reinventing the wheel here.  

With the popularity of flipped classrooms growing everyday, there is more and more academic research on best practices for running a flipped classroom.  While some of these can be specific, I think many of them are universal to flipping.

Jon Bergmann has a course on Flipped Learning that you can take to become flipped certified.  Jon is one of the pioneers of flipped learning and has a brilliant way of modeling the flip and teaching you all the best practices.  

Also, take a moment to read what Jon Bergmann wrote recently about the future of flipped learning.  It's a great piece to motivate you to always get better.